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From left to right, from top to bottom : 

Fabien Bénédic – Alexandre Tallaire – Jocelyn Achard – Ovidiu Brinza 

Riadh Issaoui – Yves Matton – Jonathan Maisonneuve

The creation of HiQuTe Diamond is based on the internationally recognised expertise of the LSPM research unit in the synthesis of synthetic diamonds by plasma-assisted CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition). 

Research activities on synthetic diamonds were initiated in this laboratory in the early 1990s. The team was also a pioneer in the field of diamond plate manufacturing for high technology. It developed the first diamonds for use in quantum technologies in 2007 for the development of sensors. Since then, several hundred diamond wafers have been supplied by the LSPM to various academic and private partners to validate the potential of using diamond in quantum sensors and to develop new products or applications. 

Aware of the maturity of some diamond-based technologies, and with a strong desire to export their know-how to the socio-economic world, the researchers Riadh Issaoui, Fabien Bénédic, Jocelyn Achard, Ovidiu Brinza and Alexandre Tallaire co-founded HiQuTe Diamond with the venture builder Technofounders to bring their breakthrough innovation to their addressable markets and contribute concretely to the emergence of an industry of excellence in the field of quantum sensors at a European level.

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Labs : LSPM / BAT L1 – 99 av. Jean Baptiste Clément, 93430 Villetaneuse, FRANCE

Headquarters : 20 bis rue Barthélémy Danjou
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